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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life got so busy that I forgot to BLOG!!!

Major shame on me! I haven't posted a new blog in a very long time! Today's the day that I turn over a new leaf and start back to business! First of all, I'm moving! It's exciting, scary, exhausting, and exhilarating! By Fall we should be resettled out west! I need to buy a cowboy hat and a pair of s**t kicking boots! Wa-hoo!
I've been busy sorting, sifting, tossing, and recycling about 2000lbs of household goods! I've got about 1000 or so lbs to go before I'm satisfied. The hardest part is letting go of all the kids toys! Lots of warm loving memories wrapped up with those things! But I'm determined that with this move we are starting a new phase in our life that will be simpler and less complicated with "things" that need valuable closet space!
One thing I won't give up is my beads... My investment is going with me out west and I hope to expand my business and reshape my goals for the coming year! 2011 will be my big year for Bizee Bee Creations! I plan to continue teaching, working, and selling my creations. And I want to try a few other avenues to promote my work...like home shows, craft shows, and a new website, too. I have really enjoyed Kumihimo braiding and have lots of projects lined up and waiting to go on the disk. Out west I would like to expand my skill base and take some new classes in wire work.
Back to the cleaning, sorting, and packing for now... I'll keep you posted on how it's going!!!

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