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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot !Hot !Hot!

It's been a hot summer! But I'm NOT complaining! After three blizzards last winter, I'm enjoying this summer! Lots of changes on the horizon...The move out west was put on hold, which is a bummer. I was so looking forward to buying some cowboy boots! Maybe next year...

I had my last "official" workday at the bead shop yesterday... Going in a different, more positive direction with my beading. Hanging out with the dogs for now and starting a new kumi project! It involves Snowflake Obsidian and should be great for the Fall and Winter! I really needed a break from the shop but I'll miss all the great customers! I plan to fill in occasionally so I'm gone but not forgotten...

I'll be starting on some wedding projects soon for a dear friend of my daughter. We've known her since she was in second grade and I'm excited to be able to make something that she'll wear in her wedding! If it works out, I just might incorporate the new ideas into my inventory!

I went to a great bead show last weekend with a good friend of mine. We had a ball shopping and talking and sharing beading ideas. Bead shows are great for picking up new ideas and seeing what's hot in the world of jewelry making. Terri and I are beading buddies and if I could, I'd love to open a "Bead Shop" someday with this talented smart lady! Thanks, Terri, for being a terrific beading pal!

While it might be HOT as heck outside and the summer sun is turning the grass a crispy brown, I'm staying cool inside and finding lots of new projects to start. I hope you are too!

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