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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy March! Happy Birthday, Dear "older" Sis!

Happy March and Happy Birthday to my dear sister, Debbie! I wanted to create something truly wonderful this year for my sweet "older" sister cause she's always teasing me that in her book I am the oldest one... Gosh, what would I do without her? So I came up with this design and absolutely love it! I left her a message on her phone telling her how much I like it and asking her how much she wanted to pay me to send it to her!!! LOL! We're always teasing each other that way. I think she'll be very surprised, if she doesn't see this before her birthday, that is. She never checks my blog, unless I tell her to read my latest post, so I think I'm safe until after her birthday. Then I'll tell her the pictures were here all along! She'll be very perturbed with me! She can't stand to wait until her birthday to open her presents! So everyone who reads this will know what it is before she does!

The stones in this set are blue Larimar, and red Sponge Coral. I Kumihimo braided the top of the necklace with 8/0 Toho seedbeads and used copper findings, clasp, and cones. It was a lot of fun designing and making this set for my sister. I'm sure she'll want me to teach her how to do the braiding the next time we get together. Now that winter is almost over and spring is almost here I can look forward to my traditional trip south for a nice long visit!

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  1. These are beautiful. Love the kumihimo, great colors!