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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life's Journey

Yesterday my youngest son set out on a mission... To discover what the real meaning of life was for him and to create a purpose for his life. You see, he's already graduated from college and held a steady job, but that wasn't enough to satisfy his yearnings to make his reality something special. So a year ago he quit his full-time-with-benefits career job, bought an old school bus, and turned it into an RV. His goal, one might ask? Well, of course, to discover the world at large! He got some buddies together and first they painted the bus a bright aqua blue like the color of the Caribbean Sea . Then he constructed sleeping bunks, a working sink, and a living area. This process took many months to complete and he did a lot of research to get the requirements correct. Then he had to get it insured, licensed, tagged as an RV, and inspected. Over the course of a year, he managed to get the job done and learn a lot more than he ever appreciated learning in college. When the day came that all the requirements were met, he looked at me with such pride on his face and love in his heart and said, "Mom, give me a hug". What he was really saying was, "Mom, the day has come and I'll be leaving and I probably won't be seeing you for a long, long time." Well, he pulled the bus out of the driveway yesterday and as I watched him go I cried. And I prayed that he would be safe on his journey... my youngest son... my carefree son... so enthusiastic about life now... Good luck, Brandon...Please keep in touch... And God bless you.

So if you happen to see a big blue bus on the highway, heading west, please wave and honk your horn... After all it could be your son out there too..."The purpose of life is to create purpose of life."

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  1. Off to make a name for himself. I hope he has a blast and stays safe. It must be hard to watch him go... I remember that oh so many years ago.