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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bella's Bracelets!

Good Saturday Morning!
It's been wet and rainy the past couple of days but I don't mind... May is here! My favorite month of the year. Why? Well, it could be because it's spring and all the flowers are a-bloomin', or because the robins are back and building their nests, or maybe because the days are much longer and warmer... Yes, it's all that... and ... it's my birthday month! Yay for birthdays!!! What do I want most for my birthday this year, you might ask? I want to make my first sale in my etsy shop! I opened my shop, officially, on March 22nd and it's been somewhat of a bummer that people haven't flocked to it and bought something ... anything... Oh well ... But I'm not giving up! Not yet! Have to get my shop advertised and noticed by the right people, I guess. It's tough competition selling jewelry. So in the meantime, I'm searching ways to make my shop and blog more interesting.

And I continue to make jewelry! Look at these sweet bracelets I made for my oldest grand-daughter, Isabella. She's 3 & 1/2 and she loves jewelry already! These are very simple to make: String pretty beads on .7mm Stretch Magic, (I made her bracelets 6" so she would have enough space to put her little hand through without over stretching the bracelet) then tie 3 knots and add a few drops of G-S Hypo Cement. When the cement is dry, trim the excess Stretch Magic ends ... Easy, peasy... And she doesn't have to ask her mom for help to put them on! Do you think she'll share them with her baby sister, Isla? Someday... maybe... But for now they're all hers!

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