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Friday, May 29, 2009

Is Time Flying or Am I in S-L-O-W -mo?

I can't believe it's Friday night! I just watched "What Not To Wear" on TLC! I love that show! If I had $5000 to spend on new clothes, I'd go CRAZY! Of course I'd go to NYC to spend the money and I'd love to have Two Fashion Savvy People advise me on what to wear! For all you jewelry makers/designers/artists, the question I want to ask is: Do you buy the clothes first and then make the jewelry Or do you buy/make the jewelry first and then find clothes to match???Which comes first, the chicken or the egg... the clothes or the jewelry??? For me, it's the clothes... when I can afford to shop, that is! Right now I spend most of my money on beads to make new things for my etsy shop. But I do love to buy spring & summer clothes! Wow, just thinking about spending $5000 on clothes blows me away...

Yeah, TV's kind of slow on Friday nights when you don't have any Premium Channels... So I think I'll go upstairs and try to do something creative... like make an anklet or earrings. Of course it's 10:30pm and my brain really wants to sleep. But when I pass by "My Studio", I hear these tiny little bead voices calling to me. They're saying "Come in, come in, come in and make something pretty tonight..." That's why I'm in slow-mo...I've been listening to those little voices way too often and staying up way too late...

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