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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feedjit and Sitemeter!

If you just started doing a blog or you're interested in making your current blog more interesting, I strongly suggest that you consider feedjit and sitemeter. I get my blog ideas from reading other blogs and these two options are so much fun! Kind of like getting those coveted hearts on etsy! Feedjit actually tells you where on this earth your blog traffic is coming from and sitemeter tells you the total number of visitors to your blog. It's so cool to see that people all over the world come to my blog and are taking the time to read about my crafting journal. And the sitemeter let's me know when my posts are interesting or boring. Hardly anybody has the time to leave a comment, so the sitemeter is a handy tool to help me know that I am connecting with people. BTW, you might have noticed that I hit the big 1-0-0 on my sitemeter today!!! If you have other blog tools that you love please let me know and leave a comment.

Otherwise, just wanted to update you on my son's progress with the Big Blue Bus and his traveling adventures! He called the other afternoon from Silver City. He and a traveling companion headed out of Austin, Tx late last week. So far the bus is holding up just fine. He must have a guardian angel that watches out for wandering travelers. Their destination is Tuscon. I imagine that they have reached the Eco-Village where they'll be camping for a while. He spent some time there last winter helping the village build a windmill to generate electricity. He really liked the area and the whole idea of a self sustaining commmunity. Thank goodness for cell phones so he can keep in touch.

Right now I'm busy making anklets sets and it's so much fun. I was into bracelets for a while and now anklets are what I'm creating. I'm going to list them in sets with a matching pair of earrings. I'll post a picture later today so come back this afternoon for a peek...

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