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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Priorities and other nonsense...

I realize, now, that working in the beadstore and trying to make jewelry is eating up a lot of time. But I won't give either one up! I love working in the store. Beaders and jewelry artists are the happiest people on earth. What a change from working in a doctor's office, which I did for 18 years... But now the people I see and help in the bead store are creative happy people and the energy they bring with them is contagious! Sure, I don't make much money compared to what I made working as a nurse...But I'm so much happier. And I'm getting ideas all the time, too! I made 10 bracelets, 11 prs of earrings, and I worked 20 hrs at the shop this past week.

So, yeah, I'm behind on laundry and stuff but my priorities have been taken care of! First on my list is my hubby and then my dogs (or maybe it's the other way around???). We have 2 rescued dogs, an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie. Sienna is a 6 yr old Red-Tri Aussie and as shy as they come. That's why no one wanted her. We adopted her when she was 3 and she's still fearful in some situations especially around men and strangers. Sophie is a 4 yr old Border Collie mix that we adopted out of a hording/neglect situation. She was so skinny when we brought her home 2 yrs ago. She loves everybody and has helped Sienna with her shyness. I call them "my girls"! We're a real family and they've helped me with my empty-nest syndrome. I'd be lost without them.

Yeah, I'm busy and I have a lot on my to do list. I've let the gardening slip this spring and I love to garden! Not very good at it but, none the less, I do enjoy getting outside and digging in the dirt to plant flowers. Guess life is all about priorities and learning how to let some things go while keeping your true passions at the top of the list...


  1. Time to figure out ebay so you can start selling off your creations!! Do you have a special tag or something you can add to the jewelry? Perhaps a custom made BIZEEBEE tag or engraved something. Makes it even more rare if it's an offical bizeebee. ;)


  2. Great idea, Shawn and I did look into it! I have a site bookmarked already that does that kind od work...but until I have some sales all my capital is going into my beading supplies. I really need to do some craft shows in addition to e-bay and facebook. And that takes time...