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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tropical Island Dreaming...

About 3 years ago my hubby and I took a fantastic trip to Tahiti for 2 weeks of sand, sun, and relaxation. Boy, I sure wish we were looking forward to another trip of that caliber! I think it ranks as the best vacation we ever had the good fortune to enjoy! The South Pacific is absolutely beautiful and although I do like the Caribbean my heart belongs to the South Pacific. Hawaii...Tahiti... I'm island dreaming. But not this year. Due to a major down-turn in our finances, we'll be celebrating our 35th anniversary at home this year. You see, my husband lost his job the week before Christmas. What a jolt that was! Kind of a lousy way to say Merry Christmas, don't ya think? While others got their end of year bonus, he got a pink slip. Oh well... We have so much to be thankful for and hopefully there are new opportunities just around the corner.

This gives me the chance to go cold turkey on my bead buying habit. I'm cleaning out my bead drawers and reorganizing my bead stash. It's amazing what I've accumulated! I've got so many potential projects it makes my head spinnnn! I found my Kumihimo disk and completed 2 new projects! One is made with hand dyed nylon ribbon and has a wire wrapped fused glass pendant. The other is various shades of copper fibers braided with a single strand of beads and then wire wrapped with a copper Swarovski Galactic Pendant as the focal piece! I'm really stretching out and trying new ideas!

So while the last decade ended on a somewhat somber note for my family's financial situation, I'm still fulfilling my New Year's/New Decade's Resolution... I'm keeping a positive attitude! Life is what you make of it and although we can't go to the islands this year... there's always the hope that we can go next year! In the meantime, we're tightening our belt, dusting off the old budget, and digging out the DVD of our Tahiti trip to watch on our anniversary... and Tropical Island Dreaming...

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  1. Heya mom! Just remember dad is an ole' work horse with tons of knowledge and charisma! To be honest, they just beat him to the punch as I am sure he had one foot out the door without them knowing. Hopefully he can get back into what he loves to do. Well travel I guess. Either way you guys will never be homeless as you have 3 kids and well you can always stay with us. Of course, you will need to empty your sh1tter somewherez else though! ;) Love you - shawn