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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time Vortex...Or How Did The Past Week Disappear?

Did I just blink and a whole week went by without me knowing it? Must be a time travel vortex or something equally strange... Honestly, I don't know what happened to the last week! Did I misplace it or what?
My only coherent memory was the Bead Fest on Saturday. And it was a doozie! Now does anybody know the correct spelling of that word cause I don't... Back to the subject...The bead fest was awesome & stupendous, and I want to give Interweave "2 Snaps Up" for doing such a great job of putting it together. It really wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, and all the vendors that I spoke to were extremely patient and friendly. The lighting was good for the most part, although the bottom floor could have been brighter. Some people complained about it being too warm, but I liked the temp just fine. I hate freezing cold rooms when you're trying to concentrate and can't, due to frozen extremities. No, everything was perfect for me. The booths were so colorfully put together and the beads and gemstones sparkled. Every bead in the building was calling my name but unfortunately some of them were passed up. My husband was such a trooper! He even encouraged me to spend more than I budgeted for... imagine that! ;~)
I bought a dozen different color tubes of seed beads, hand-dyed ribbon and fiber for Kumihimo braiding, real Venetian glass beads, Christmas Holiday glass beads, sterling silver/vermeil/copper cones, hand beaded focal beads from Bali & Nepal, wooden focal beads from the Philippines, and some silver clasps and findings. I collected lots of business cards from my favorite vendors, too.
If you love beads & haven't been to a BIG bead show before, then You Have Got To Go, my friend! Get there early. Wear comfortable shoes. Set a budget and figure that you'll go over it by $100 or so. Collect lots of business cards. Talk to the vendors about their product. And look for inspiration!
I can't wait till next year and do it all over again! I'm sure I'll look back and wonder how the year went by so fast. Must be that ever increasing time vortex. ;~)

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