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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home from Peru!

In the past few days my wandering son, with the Big Blue Bus, made it home to the US from his exciting adventures in Peru this summer. I was so happy that his travels were rewarding and enlightening. I never know what to expect when it comes to him but that's OK. Every family needs a free spirit to keep things light, fun, and always exciting. He connects with people and the wide universe in ways that you and I can only envy. Right now he's back to living on his bus in an Eco-Community in Arizona. He's very excited to be there and to help them continue to build up the community and improve their resources. We had a nice long chat on the phone and he told me all about his Shaman Experience in the Amazon Jungle. It sounded quite peaceful and other-worldly to me. There he was in the middle of the jungle, relaxing to the sounds of the singing of the jungle insects, and contemplating the possibilities of his future. He's a brave soul, to be sure, and I feel that in spite of it all he's a lot more grounded, now, having had this experience. I know his future is a bright one filled with warmth and the ability to connect with many people. All in all, it was an exciting and broadening trip and I'm thankful that he was able to experience another culture so different from ours. He always sees the good in every situation and I know he's now able to appreciate what he has been blessed with in this life. Welcome Home, Brandon! And thanks again for the Peruvian Opals and Amazonite! Once I receive them, I will make something beautiful and post a picture!

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