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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Renaissance Time?

Here in the Mid-Atlantic area when you've got those late summer blues and the magic of the holidays is still a long way off, the Maryland & Virginia Renaissance Faires are something to get excited about. Now I've never been to either one but I'm contemplating the possibility of going this year. I guess my reluctance to attend in the past has been that I've lived in Europe and I've seen beautiful castles. So why go to a fair that celebrates the Renaissance? I think this is the year to go and get some inspiration. Maybe eat a turkey leg and watch some Jousting? To celebrate the Renaissance Spirit I've designed my Dragon Collection. I'm a romantic at heart and tales of dragons and castles have always intrigued and excited me.
My friend Nikki, @ www.bastilleblue.etsy.com or www.bastillebleu.artfire.com created the lampwork beads for this collection! I know I'm buying quality when I buy from her Etsy or Artfire Shop!

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  1. WOW! Thanks Cathy for the "plug" of my shop on Etsy and here on your blog! I usually cant wait to see what you've created with my beads, and Im never disappointed as its always worth the wait. You have a such a great eye for color and design. You make my beads look fabulous!! Much continued success! Im sure the Pink dragon necklace wont last long! XO, Nikki