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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New York, New York!

Yes, it's called the Big Apple by some and that's where we spent last weekend...visiting our daughter and her husband. It was a great time and we enjoyed our visit to the big city. The highlight of our trip, besides seeing our daughter, was taking the Staten Island Ferry across the water, and seeing the Statue of Liberty. But we also enjoyed the Flea Market on 39th St and walking through the Fashion District. We ate a nice lunch in Battery Park and then strolled along the promenade next to the water. There was lots going on in the park and we got to see some professional break dancing or whatever you call it these days...it was "way-cool"! My daughter's new puppy gave us a good reason to chill out at the local dog-park and that was nice. Brina took us up to the lab on campus where she studies and works. We got to see what her research is all about and that was amazing! Living in NYC definitely has its' day-to-day challenges and I'm certainly proud of my daughter and how she's adapted to the rigors of life in a metropolis! Big cities offer so much in the way of entertainment but we always choose to do something fun and free, and except for the food it was an economical trip! My daughter and her husband love the life and they're really taking advantage of the opportunity to see and do all they can afford to. We're happy to be home again...big city life is just too hectic for me but it was well worth the trip to see how well Brina is doing and how resilient she has become!

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  1. Your trip to NYC sounds like it was a lot of fun. How great you were able to see your daughter and her hubby! I havent been to NYC yet, but chomping at the bit to go someday soon!!! The photo of you and your daughter is priceless! Too adorable. :)