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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friends helping Friends

It's Friday and another whole week has gone by since my last post! Time flies way too fast to suit me! But it was a good week and I had fun too...

I had lunch with a new friend on Tuesday. I met Pam while I was working at the beadstore a couple weeks ago. I helped her pick out some beading things to make a set of earrings for her MIL. She mentioned that she had an etsy shop, www.FPC4YOU.etsy.com, so I convo'd her later that week. We started emailing each other and decided to meet for lunch. She's very nice and loves beading and wirework. We had a great lunch this week at Ruby Tuesdays and exchanged ideas. We're thinking about co-hosting an in-home jewelry show this fall. I'm so glad that I met her at the store! It's so nice to have a beading buddy close by. Thanks, Pam! Check out her shop if you're looking for pretty jewelry!

I've met a very nice person on etsy that I now count as my friend: a wonderful handmade lampwork glass artist, Nikki, @ www.bastillebleu.etsy.com. She's so talented and I love to buy her lampwork beads to create pretty new bracelets and earrings! Her work is fun, colorful, and very bright. I love all those qualities in jewelry, so we make a great team. If we lived closer I'm sure we could go into business together. She has featured my work on her blog and I want to thank her for that! So thanks, Nikki! Check out her shop for beautiful lampwork beads and she has another shop too: www.bastillebleubijoux.etsy.com that features bracelets, earrings and other creations with her handmade lampwork beads!

A dear friend of mine from childhood, Debbie, is also an etsy artist @ www.butteredparsnips.etsy.com. She was the one who told me about etsy and encouraged me to open my own shop! She has been so helpful especially the last few months while I've struggled to gain etsy recognition. She's listened to my disgruntled complaints and whining about no sales and she's helped me in lots of other ways, too. Thanks, Debbie! If you're looking for the cutest buttons ever, check out her shop!

My life has changed in a big BIG way since I joined etsy... I'm blogging, twittering, working at a beadstore to pay for supplies, and I've made new friends along the way. Friends helping friends, that's what life and etsy are all about. A wonderful community of handmade crafters... So thanks my dear friends. Without you, this whole venture would not be half as satisfying!


  1. Your a real sweetheart, Cathy! Thanks so much for the compliment, your friendship, and awesome "mention" of my Etsy shop on your blog! :)
    Hugs, Nikki

  2. You're most welcome, dear friend! ;~)