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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Dreams and Summer Plans...

We're barely into Winter and already I'm dreaming of warmer days when the birds, bees, and dragonflies are fluttering about blossoming flowers. We have many weeks of cold and dreary weather ahead of us. So the best therapy for me is get all of my spring and summer colored beads out and create something for the coming warmer months.

I'd also like to plan for my upcoming Spring Shows and decide what to make ahead of time. I learned this year that to wait for inspiration is not a good thing to do. Nothing like last minute preparations crammed into a few weeks of hectic activity to convince you that there has to be a better way to prepare!

Maybe I need a big Dry Erase Board to map out and prepare for this year's shows. Yeah, I need a plan...A Big Plan:
1. What sold well this year.
2. What shows were more successful.
3. What to make this year.
4. What supplies I need to buy.
5. When to get started and how many to make.

So while the winter winds howl and skies are dreary I will be brainstorming and making My Big Plan! And dreaming of blue skies and warm sunny days picking blackberries and watering flowers...

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