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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Upcycle, Recycle, Reuse, Redo

A thing of the past...Vintage... Antique... Ancient... In these current times it seems strange that Vintage is so popular. After all, we're a "Throw-Away" society. If it breaks, throw it away and buy a new thing... Technology is moving so fast that there's no way to stay up to date with the latest & greatest cell phone, laptop, e-reader, tv, etc. So when a customer asked me to to remake a beautiful vintage necklace, I got excited! It was a three strand crystal and pearl necklace, probably about 50-60 years old, that her mother used to wear. I'm making it into a Sterling Silver Wire Crochet Set for her daughter. With the left over beads and pearls I'll be making a pendant and earring set for her young grand-daughter. The pieces have no dollar value but they're priceless when it comes to sentimental value.

When I teach Beading Basics I always suggest to my students that they look through mom's or grandma's old jewelry box for treasures that have lasted a life time. Redo, Recycle, Upcycle, Reuse... and create treasures that you & your daughters will love for a long time to come.

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