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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Craft Fair Time!

I love the cooler weather of Fall! And with this season comes my favorite time of year... Craft Fair Time! This is my first year to participate as a vendor! I signed up to do 3 shows this Fall but have since decided that was way too much activity. Preparation for a craft show requires a lot of work and you never know what to expect! Buyers/browsers come with expectations that don't necessarily jive with the seller's point of view! I feel my prices are fair but I realize that the average person, who does not make jewelry, would not understand how much supplies cost.

Due to limited table/display space I decided to go with the approach that "Less is More" when it comes to laying out my displays of jewelry. Take a look at my photos and see if you agree..
.Next time I plan to have more table-space to lay out more items but I've seen tables that are jam packed with options. I have to say that it tends to dissuade me from stopping and browsing. I love displays that have just the right amount of personality, nothing over the top with gadjets and gimmicks. So I'm striving for a happy medium to attract the most shoppers. I've got a lot to learn about craft shows and this year has been great for that. I can't believe that I've done 3 shows so far and plan to do 1 more! Last year I wouldn't have thought it possible! Next year I hope to do 6 shows and have 4 tables to display my creations!

This has definitely been a year of progress for Bizee Bee Creations! And I'm glad that I still have time to go out to see the local Craft Shows as a customer so that I can come home with fresh ideas, fresh air, and a fresh perspective for next year!

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