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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas...Oh Christmas!

Can you believe that it's almost Christmas??? I just finished making my last Christmas present this evening! I am so ready for the big day...Christmas! The presents are wrapped... the cookies are baked... the tree is decorated... the stockings are hung... and the eggnog is chillin' in the fridge! YAY! Oops... Guess there's one more itty bitty detail... the Christmas cards! Yikes! Got to get on that this very weekend... after work! My scaled down budget had two major advantages... LESS SHOPPING and LESS WRAPPING! YAY! I can't believe how much I saved this year by really sticking to my budget! In years gone by "the budget" was just sort of a nice idea but this year it's solid as a rock! And I feel GREAT! None of that deep pitted anxiety that I spent way too much... Nope! My husband & I agreed not to buy more than a few small stocking stuffers for each other and that saved a bundle! Each of the adult kids will have one present to open and their stockings. Afterall, they told me that the stocking is their "main event" so I couldn't skip that! So bring on Christmas cause I'm full of good cheer and mighty glad that the year ended so well for me and my family! Christmas ... oh Christmas!

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