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Monday, December 28, 2009

2010, Here we come! New Year's Wishes!

What are you hoping for this coming year, this coming decade? A new job, financial security, healthcare, a new love interest, exciting travel? What are your New Year's/New Decade's Resolutions? Lose weight, exercise, stop smoking, spend less... My top New Year's resolutions are:

1. Love and appreciate my family every day
2. Exercise
3. Eat healthy
4. Spend less
5. Save more
6. Simplify my life
7. Travel
8. Reconnect with my spiritual path
9. Make and implement a business plan/strategy for Bizee Bee Creations
10.Lose the 5 pounds I always gain during the holidays

There ya go... My New Year's/ New Decade's Goals! The next ten years are going to be a Roller-Coaster but this is one Wild Ride I don't want to miss. Think of ten years ago when we were contemplating Y2K and look where we are now! What will we be looking back on in the year 2019??? Kind of scary in an exciting kind of way. I'll be sure to read my Horoscope come January 1st, 2010! How about you?

So welcome 2010! And may it bring all of us what we wish for the most!


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  2. Love your New Years resolutions, Cathy! Here's to keeping those and making 2010 the best year it can possibly be!! :)