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Monday, June 29, 2009

The cost of doing business!

Just listed a couple new items on Artfire! It's so much fun to discover a new way to share my creations with you! Check out these new things. Do you like Bali silver? I do, that's for sure! The cost of silver has been increasing for a while so when an item lists sterling silver as a component, please understand that in order to use silver in the design, the artisan is increasing the cost dramatically! Lampwork glass is not cheap to make either, and since I don't make it myself, I have to buy from other artisans... increasing cost, yet again... I've read that to adequately price an item, the cost of supplies is tripled, then add all the other hidden costs so that the artisan can continue to support his/her business. It's no wonder that if you make quality jewelry, the retail price is high! I only make jewelry that I would like to wear, so it's got to be made with high quality components! I haven't found my niche market yet but I hope I will. In the meantime I keep investing in silver, lampwork beads, etc. Investments that will pay off someday... maybe. That's the cost of doing business!

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