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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Greetings From BizeeBeeCreations

Creating beaded jewelry is the best part of my life right now. Sitting down at my creativity desk and looking through all my colorful beads to get inspiration is fun and exciting! But trying to learn what vehicles exist to get my creations noticed and appreciated is a different story. Blogging, twittering...What's that ALL about? I feel like a tiny dot on a big page....... Somebody please notice me....... Oh, well....... THIS is challenging and I love challenges! I'm starting a blog today! WOW! Me... a blogger!

My goals:
  1. To be creative everyday
  2. To discover new ways to promote my product
  3. To share my Ups & Downs with other Crafters
  4. To share my discoveries
  5. To learn new beading techniques
  6. To become an interesting blogger
  7. To get myself ORGANIZED
OK, first of all I need to consider my possibilities and get myself organized for the day. Will I order more supplies for beading? Create something new? Rearrange my bead drawers so that I can find what I need more efficiently? Guess I need a "PLAN of ACTION"! I need a big wall calendar. I will set a list of goals for each day and then check them off as I go. A checked off list makes you feel powerful and that you're truly accomplishing something.

So, I need short term goals and long term goals... check. Now let's get started!

Here's my latest bracelet made from Venetian Glass beads

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  1. So, I had accidentally written on your wall as someone else, so if "Divya" shows up, that was me! What I said was:

    Way to go, Mom! I may not be technically savvy enough to become a "Follower" (that, and I don't like that vague cult-ish feeling that is conjured up :P) but I will be a life-time subscriber! Feel free to complain about me though! :)

    I love the bracelet! The beads remind me of barley candy!! mmmm...

    Congrats on diving deeper into the murky mess of cyberspace, and I can't wait to celebrate it (and YOU!) in May!!

  2. Woo!! Beads!! Go Mom!!!

  3. Loving your stuff and so is Isabella. She has two new ones that she loves to wear. I tell you what there is NO part of her day where she does not have something you gave her on her. Good stuff and remember that this should be more about you having fun then trying to start a business. Cheers!!